Jim Thorpe, PA

Hey all! Well, I haven’t exactly been anywhere too cool recently to post about, BUT there is one place that I was at not too long called, Jim Thorpe, PA! Jim Thorpe is a little town in the mountains by the Poconos! Its cute, it’s quaint and a really nice get away for a decent price!


I really wanted to take Pete, my boyfriend, some where nice for his birthday this year and I found Jim Thorpe to be in my budget!! We stayed in a private apartment while we were there, which was the most expensive thing, totaling around $330.00. But we stayed two nights, in a private apartment, with a kitchen that was completely stocked with food,  a small dining area, a couch, a little television, a very comfortable bed, with our own entrance and reserved parking spot (which was fabulous because if you have ever been to Jim Thorpe, you know parking doesn’t come easy!).  The woman who owns it was very friendly and had bought Pete a box of chocolates for his birthday which she left on the coffee table! It was a very nice apartment, one that I would recommend to anyone if your looking to spoil yourself for a moderate cost! I loved it! 🙂

While we were there, we walked around the cute town and enjoyed the festivities they were having as it was Jim Thorpe’s birthday celebration. They had vendors, all sorts of tables set up for arts and crafts, live music that echoed through the mountainous town! It was really neat!! Then, we took the train ride through the mountains. I believe it was about $10.00 each. Not to bad! It was a relaxing train ride, the guide educated us on the history of the town as well as the nature that surrounds it. The wild life was awesome and the view was incredible!

We also did a tour of the Old Jail tour in town. It was very interesting and also inexpensive, I believe $7.00 per person!

At Jim Thorpe, there are plenty of places to eat for a great price, sights to see for free, and many, many tours to do for usually no more than $15.00!

While I was there, I looked into camp grounds around the area. There are many. The one I was interested in was Roundstone Camping!  I’d like to go camping here, and do some hiking sometime soon. The cost is only $38.00 for a tent site, I believe.

If you are interested in in getting out for a weekend, I highly suggest going here! Whether you prefer to enjoy a private apartment, do the tours and eat at the more pricier places (which are very delicious) OR if you like to get down and dirty with a tent, a backpack and yourself, get some inexpensive food, go hiking and swim in the river afterwards, this is the place for you! Me? I love both 🙂

Please check out the Jim Thorpe website for yourself sometime!

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