Hello! I’m Jessica, 27 years old, and I live in New Jersey. I have been longing to be outside and to explore. Instead of coming up with excuses, I am now making it a priority! Why wait until tomorrow when you can live today?

I currently work in the mental health field. I have a part-time job at a residential facility for adults with chronic mental illness and I have an internship at a local hospital in the adolescent intensive outpatient program. I graduated from Rowan University with my Bachelor’s in Psychology and I am currently in graduate school through the online program at Messiah College. I am expecting to get my Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in May 2016. In my spare time (when I’m not outdoors) I like to write, play piano, play video games, volunteer at the animal shelter, watch Netflix, cook, and read.

Right now I am renting an apartment with my amazing boyfriend Dan and our cat Jack. We’re hoping to get a house and get married sometime within the next year or so. For a while I had felt like my life was missing something and I finally discovered that I wasn’t living my life fully. Instead of trudging through each day going to my job and then coming home to do school work, I am scheduling in time to get in touch with nature. I always found my self staring longingly at other people’s photos and blogs depicting their amazing travels. I always told myself I didn’t have the time or money. With the support and encouragement of my best friend Stephanie, we are finally chasing our dreams by getting out and exploring!


Jessica’s Bucket List

Places I want to Travel:






Machu Picchu



New Zealand










Faroe Islands


Things I want to Accomplish:

Complete my Master’s Degree

Get accepted to a Doctoral Program

Publish my Novel

Get Married to the love of my life

Get a Dog

Get a house

Start a garden (flowers and vegetables)

Contribute to Humanity

Make a difference




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