Thank you for visiting my ‘about me’ page:-) Let me first begin by introducing myself. My name is Stephanie, I am 26 years old and I live in North Jersey with my beautiful little girl and wonderful boyfriend!

As of right now, I am a mail carrier (in the mountains, which is so pretty to look at everyday!) , I work with my boyfriend on our brand new business, and I do hair on occasion! When I am not working or with my family, I am reading,writing, listening to music, making music and more recently hiking!

All my life I wanted to be active but mainly to work out, to be “hot”. I have done crash diets, and just plain starved myself  at times and though it worked, I didn’t feel good about it. About a year ago, I found out I had cancer, and although it wasn’t major and everything is alright now, he informed me that this type of cancer is reoccurring. It was very eye opening to me and made me look at life a little differently. Though cancer is a very depressing thing, it gave me a positive outlook on how I choose to spend the rest of my life!

So I moved up to the mountains with my boyfriend, got a job where I am constantly surrounded by nature along with being active and am focusing on leading a better life for myself and my wonderful family. One step at a time. Literally and figuratively. Hehe:-)

Now, I don’t care about being “thin” or “hot”. I just want to be healthy. I want to travel the world and really be surrounded by nature. I want to be “fit” so I can climb mountains and feel like I conquered something great and not feel tired doing it. I want to take a ride on a hot air balloon over the mountains and swim with the dolphins! And then after all is said and done, I want to write a book about it so I can share with the world…. But I have to start some where.

Finally I can begin and I’m so excited to do this with my best friend (since we were five years old, I will add 🙂 ). Jessica has been there with me through all sorts of craziness and here is to our next adventure into the impending doom of more craziness!

Thank you for reading my story!

Here is my Bucket List!

Places I’d love to Travel!

New Zealand 






Machu Picchu









Canary Islands





South Africa


France (Again!)

Do a road trip across the U.S. and HIKE!

What I hope to accomplish!

Take my daughter to see the world
Get a degree of some sort… then one day a Ph.D.
Learn 5 languages (French, Mandarin, Spanish, German & Italian)
Lose weight… and keep it off!
Publish a Novel (or two) 🙂
Get married and have my dream wedding (A happy marriage with no divorce!!)
Start my own Hair Business (Updos for special events!)
Go sky diving
Ride in a hot air balloon
Swim with dolphins
Become awesome at playing the guitar AND piano
Run a marathon
Try to make a guard laugh at buckingham palace
Stand next to the pyramids (and you know, maybe touch one?)
Learn how to surf well (like in Hawaii)
Do the polar plunge
Be in a community play/musical


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