Budget Camping Gear

Need some new camping stuff on a cheap budget? Take a look at these products by Ozark Trail that I picked up at Walmart without breaking the bank!

Ozark Trail Warm Weather Sleeping Bag

I needed a new sleeping bag and I didn’t want to break the bank on something fancy from the North Face. Of course I would love to have some stuff from the North Face, but I just don’t have the money right now. So here is a good quality sleeping bag for weekend camping trips that only costs $15 at Walmart!

Upon opening the bag and unrolling it in the bag, I noticed the soft and comfortable texture of the material and the quality of the zipper. Sleeping through the night was difficult for me (due to lack of extra cushion underneath), but this bag kept me warm and toasty when the air outside was in the mid to lower 50s. As you can see, it is ideally made for warm weather at 50 degrees fahrenheit or warmer. I did not get cold at all… and I get cold easily.

Ozark Trail 2 Person Dome Tent

Now Dan and I planned to borrow a 6 person tent from his mom, but then we decided we didn’t want the hassel of putting up an extra large tent. So I wandered around the Walmart looking for something small, cheap, and easy. This tent was only $29 and it is even recommended for backpacking (something I hope to do in the near future).

This tent was light to carry and easy to assemble. One 7 x 7 square of fabric and two poles. Done and done. I glanced at the instructions and had it put together in under 10 minutes. I figure at the end of a long day hiking, this is something I will definitely appreciate in the future. I feel like the size was adequate for two people to lay down and sit up comfortably. There was even extra space along the sides for bags, shoes, clothes, water bottles, etc.

So for less than $50 I picked up two essential, good quality camping products from Walmart. They sell some more expensive and high quality camping supplies as well. Check it out sometime if you don’t have a lot of cash or if you need some gear that you only plan on using a few times a year. I hope to use this stuff more than that, so I will see how far these products last. Eventually I will save up some cash to get some fancy gear.

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