So You Want to Be Healthy?


About half a year ago I was tired of being tired. I was feeling physically fatigued and depressed. My skin would constantly break out. Without health insurance, I really couldn’t go to a doctor to get any blood work to diagnose my symptoms. So I chose to take matters in to my own hands and started experimenting with my lifestyle choices to see if anything changed.


I was drinking coffee daily and eating junk food nonstop. McDonalds for lunch, pizza for dinner… anything that was quick and easy. I was constantly snacking on sugary treats.

The first thing I cut out was coffee. It was a tough choice but I had to do it. The withdrawal headaches sucked, but I made it through. Now I didn’t plan to never drink coffee again. I allow myself to have a nice toasty cup once a week, generally on the weekend when I can relax and enjoy it.

The next thing I cut out was processed food. I began reading about Clean Eating and decided to give it a shot. I began food shopping at Whole Foods and never looked back.

The third thing I am still struggling to cut out is sugar. Sugar is my number one weakness. If you hand me a cupcake, I will devour it and ask for a second. It’s a problem. I have reduced my sugar intake, however I still have moments of weakness.


I wasn’t getting proper nutrition and my body was trying to tell me that through aches and fatigue. Now I take a women’s multivitamin, omega-3, vitamin A, and chaste berry extract. These have improved my overall physical well being. I actually feel good!


I don’t drink anything else except green tea and spearmint tea. When I can, I’ll cut up some lemon slices to add. It is great for digestion and hydration. No more soda or juice, and I rarely have the desire to drink those. Sometimes I do enjoy the occasional beer or glass of wine.


Humans spend too much time sitting down these days. I drive 45 minutes to work, just to sit down for 8 hours, and then drive home for another 45 minutes. Then I would just sit around at home until it was bedtime. You have to get up and move around. When I’m at work I try to walk around or stand as much as possible. Then I do the same thing when I am at home.

Now I am trying to incorporate more exercise in to my lifestyle. I try to go for one long walk/jog/hike a week. I do yoga at home 2 -3 times a week. I use tiny 5lb weights every other day.


No one is perfect. Working in the mental health field, I see people break down over one setback. So what if you had pizza for lunch? So what if you didn’t hike this week? So what if you drank a couple beers? SO WHAT? Don’t be so hard on yourself. You are a human and you deserve to indulge. The important thing is moderating how often this happens.

Like I said before, I have one cup of coffee a week. I also allow myself to have one junk food meal each week. The sugary snacks…? Well sometimes I can go a whole day without it, and other days I crave it. So that is something I am still working on. But hey, I’m not hating on myself for it!

Can you imagine a life where you never got to have coffee, cookies, alcohol, pizza, cheeseburgers again? We would all be miserable!

The bottom line is: Reduce the processed food, increase the clean food, take supplements (if needed), get active, and love yourself!

Thanks for reading 🙂

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